Rede Asta is a Certified B Corp and is part of the team of innovative companies that make the market a means to make social and environmental changes. This certification was born 9 years ago in the United States and arrived in Brazil in 2013. Today there are over 2225 certified companies worldwide, in more than 50 countries and in 130 different sectors. In Brazil there are 75 and we are part of this community!

Brazilian B Corp

The global movement of B Corps seeks to build an ecosystem of companies that have decided not to operate on the profit-above-all model , but to think about profit with social and environmental benefits. It is an impulse to think of other economic models, where each corporation contributes to leave a positive legacy in the world.

"Since our beginning we have been a better company for the world. Being B Corp was natural in our process "
Alice Freitas, co-founder of Rede Asta.

Rede Asta’s purpose is to be a network of goodness where people and waste get a new beginning. We connect groups of artisans from all over Brazil to create and develop sustainable and creative waste reuse solutions. Thus we generate income for the artisans and we diminish the discard of still useful materials in the environment.

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