Last week the designer Davi Rezende was at Reciclarte´s headquarters, a productive group  formed by artisans from Rio de Janeiro. The mission is to co-create a 10 item collection to increase the artisans income. The project is funded by Chevron, in partnership with Asta Network.

"To have Davids insight on our products was extraordinary" - Alessandra Moraes, Reciclarte Group artisan

David Rezende specialized in turning waste into art. Among his creations are a sofa made from an old bathtub, stools made out of screws and many others (click here and check it out). He says that while talking to the artisans he discovered that there was a glass cutting machine that was not being used at the group's headquarters. Then the process of exploring the material to create different products began.

"It was a new experience. I felt that the group was restricted to only one type of product and I tried to expand the vision to reach several markets. "- David Rezende, designer

Now Reciclarte artisans continue exploring the possibilities of the material for the creation of the collection. When everything is ready, we will show you.