In a first contact we try to understand which companys waste can be reused and transformed into products full of story (see some here). In our portfolio we have products made from banners, uniforms, bank pouches, electronics, fabric scraps, seat belts ... We have  few categories and we look forward to creating many more. To meet large-scale orders, the products are hand made by artisans productive businesses who organize themselves as a network.

If the waste has the companies logo, we sort it out, remove it and dispose it correctly. We also remove parts that cannot be reused in the production of the gift. The remainsr of all waste is intended for partners for proper disposal. Our effort is to ensure that nothing is discarded into the environment.

How did we get to this model?

Our first customer was Dow Chemical, who became interested in newspaper-made frames. The group Mãos Brasil produced 300 handmade gifts that were given to the company's stakeholders. This was an "eye opening" for a new way of creating economic inclusion for the networks artisanal productive groups.

But there was still a challenge: how to hand make a production on a large scale? The solution was to actually turn Asta into a large network. We found that only 1% of Brazilian artisans worked together and produced in partnership. We then began to mobilize and train our artisans to develop together the incoming orders. The artisans' income and production capacity increased. We take upcycling solutions as part of our business.

"If I don´t know how to do it and I´m given an opportunity, I´ll learn."
Dona Eunice, leader of the Costura Unida group.

Our sales team is on hand to understand your company's needs, both for disposal and gifts, and to offer the best solution. Contact us:

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