Marketing events decoration turns into sustainable gifts

Netza, a marketing and communication agency, arrived in Rede Asta with the desire to create an amazing gift to recognize and celebrate the changes made during the year. And that is how transformation became the key word in this story.

In the agency, the needs of the clients turned into ideas and plans. After planning, they became actions and events. Since Netza's mission is to be #agencyofthenew, year-end gifts needed to be more than a treat, they needed to have purpose. At that moment Rede Asta arrives in the story for the creation of an innovative product, good for better.

Tarpaulins and banners used by the agency in the setting of spaces and advertising throughout the year would be discarded. However, they were transformed into raw material and source of income for the artisans of the Charlotte group of São Bernardo do Campo. What used to be waste became a quality product.

‍Thermal bag produced by the artisans of the group Charlotte from the Rede Asta to Netza

The group that has existed since 2009 with sewing as the main activity, saw the reuse of banners for the making of bags a differential. With the Asta Network, it began to serve companies and produce sustainable gifts. They have become experts in corporate gifts made from banners. In addition to financially improving the lives of families involved in production, work is also an exercise in women's empowerment and self-esteem.

‍Artisan Djenane Martins.

"Before, my occupation was to watch television. I left the house to sew and came to Charlotte. I empowered myself as a woman. Now I know how to manage, do financial management, I know how to sell ... "

Artisan Djenane Martins.

With this partnership, Netza customers received a gift with stories of people and waste transformation. Check out the video-case produced by Netza (in portuguese).