Novelty made of nostalgia

Remember the first time you saw a floppy disk? Was it big and clumsy with its 5 inches or was it already the smallest, with the huge 1.44MB capacity? Boxes and boxes of numbered floppy disks  to install a software ... And when the CDs arrived? It was a revolution of 12 centimeters in diameter and 700MB of storage!

That was almost 30 years ago.

Here in Rede Asta we love challenges, so we accepted the challenge to answer these questions in our own way, investing in creativity and in generating business opportunities for artisans.

The request came from the Recicladora Urbana and the mission was to create a line of products made with low-value recycled electronic waste. For this, we have teamed up with a team of designers and thinkers from Matéria Brasil, Odyssey, Zyklus and the group of artisans Mãos Brasil.

The result is the Ex-Letronic collection with 27 products.

Ex-letronics collection