Automotive industry makes social and environmental impact project at the ABC region in São Paulo

Take a look at these products and tell us: what do you think they are made of?

REUSE Collection

a- ( ) High quality fabric

b- ( ) Remains of car upholstery -

c- ( ) Uniform fabric

d- ( ) Garbage

Believe me, all alternatives except garbage! Because, it does not make sense to discard materials that can continue to be useful, right? There is one more point you need to know: although the products are beautiful and of excellent quality, they are only a small part of this story, which is about reusing, rethinking and reviving.

The beginning is with Volkswagen Foundation, responsible for coordinating actions of social impact of Volkswagen Brazil, which developed the project Tailoring the Future (free translation of Costurando o Amanhã) to stimulate the generation of work and income in the communities around the factories. In partnership, entered Aliança Empreendedora, with the expertise to support low-income microentrepreneurs and Rede Asta, with the mission of creating a premium collection of corporate gifts by reusing textile materials from the automaker with upcycling¹ techniques.

It was there that the seamstresses of the project organized themselves to work in network, forming the group Tecostes. Together, they received technical and organizational training with designer Bianca Matsusaki. After 6 months of co-creation and intense work, the REUSE Collection is born with 24 products stamped in three unique patterns.


¹Upcycling is the process of turning waste into new materials or products using their original properties, without the chemical and physical processes of recycling.