Rede Asta is a social business that operates in the circular economy turning artisans into entrepreneurs which transform waste into goods for better.

What if today's waste became
tomorrow's raw material?

We at Asta believe in this vision and mobilize
a network for good through
innovation, education and design.

By transforming waste into assets,
we also turn artisans into entrepreneurs and change
how people see the products they consume.

We work with the principle of absence
of waste and we turn companies' waste
into products with social impact.
What was once the end, becomes a new beginning.

Asta: inclusive for those who make and for those who buy.

How it works?




The Asta network was founded in 2005 by Alice Freitas and Rachel Aung. They both came from careers in big multinationals. But they decided to leave the traditional way aside to become entrepreneurs. But not as common entrepreneurs, as social entrepreneurs.

Alice had travelled to India to get to know the social businesses that were growing in the country. She felt in love with the handmade when she saw the artisans weaving. Therefore, starting her social business with the goal of valuing the Brazilian handicraft and empowering the artisans was the logical path that her heart and intuition was setting up. In partnership with Rachel, they plunged headlong into this unique economy. Over the years, with success and error, they are sewing together the story of several artisan women through the Asta network.


Our name comes from Astrea, a Greek goddess who, according to Mythology, was sent to the world of mortals to end a period of evil and envy. Under the influence of Astrea, humanity lived a time of justice and equality. Through partnerships we seek to empower and create income for Brazilian artisans, following the mission that we brought with our name.

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970 artisans impacted

Strategic repositioning of Asta Network

Asta's Showroom Launch

784 impacted artisans

Entry into CE-100 Brazil, a network of leaders in the development of circular economy

Graduation of 2 classes at the Artisans Business School, in partnership with the Coca-Cola Arts Collective and the British Council

970 impacted artisans

Certified as a B Corp

Beginning of the Artisans Business School in partnership with the Coca-Cola Arts Collective

Participation in EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, mentoring program for entrepreneurs

1st place at the UBS Visionaries Award

843 impacted artisans

Mobilization of a network of artisans to meet orders from large companies

Launch of the catalog with the story of each group of artisans of Asta Network

791 impacted artisans

R $ 1 million in products sold by Asta Network

Started working with groups of artisans in the Amazon at the invitation of the Coca-Cola Institute Brazil

Finalists of the Folha Social Entrepreneur Award

638 impacted artisans

Creative Economy Award from the Ministry of Culture

Ana Lúcia Franco, artisan who is part of Asta Network, elected microentrepreneur of the year for the Planet Finance International Microfinance Award

Investment from Caixa Economica Federal Social and Environmental Fund

Contribution of Chanel Foundation

500 impacted artisans

40 groups of artisans and 700 councilors are part of Asta Network

Billing of R$585.000

3rd place at Global Development Network

Accenture financing

375 impacted artisans

Construction of strategic planning 2010-2015 with Ashoka and McKinsey & Company

250 people impacted

Inter-American Foundation Investment

Ventura Institute Investment

1st place at the Planeta Casa Award - Social Action Category

150 impacted artisans

Start of direct sale with 5 consultants

Ashoka Fellows Network Entry

Banco Santander Investment

100 artisans impacted

The idea of ​​Direct Selling arises

Launch of the first product catalog

70 impacted artisans

1st corporate gift order: 300 photo frames for Dow Chemical

Opening of a kiosk selling products in Rio de Janeiro

1st funding, granted by Avina Foundation

35 impacted artisans

Asta Network foundation

1st training of women

Participation in Gift Fair - SP

1017 artesãs impactadas
até agora

Reposicionamento estratégico da Rede Asta

Lançamento do Espaço Asta

784 artesãs impactadas

Entrada na CE-100 Brasil, uma rede de líderes no desenvolvimento da economia circular

Formatura de 2 turmas da Escola de Negócio das Artesãs, em parceria com o Coletivo Artes Coca-Cola e British Council

970 artesãs impactadas

Certificação como Empresa B

Início da Escola de Negócio das Artesãs em parceria com o Coletivo Artes Coca-Cola

Participação no EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women, programa de mentoria para empreendedoras.

1º lugar no Prêmio UBS Visionários

843 artesãs impactadas

Mobilização de uma rede de artesãos para atender pedidos de grandes empresas

Lançamento do catálogo com a história de cada grupo de artesãos da Rede Asta

791 artesãs impactadas

R$ 1 milhão em produtos vendidos pela Rede Asta

Início do trabalho com grupos de artesãos na Amazônia a convite do Instituto Coca-Cola Brasil

Finalistas do Prêmio Folha Empreendedor Social

638 artesãs impactadas

Prêmio Economia Criativa do Ministério da Cultura

Ana Lúcia Franco, artesã que faz parte da Rede Asta, eleita microempreendedora do ano no Prêmio Internacional de Microfinanças do Planet Finance

Investimento do Fundo Socioambiental da Caixa Econômica Federal

Aporte de recursos da Fundação Chanel

500 artesãs impactadas

40 grupos de artesãos  e 700 conselheiras integram a Rede Asta

Faturamento de R$ 585 mil

3º lugar na Global Development Network

Financiamento da Accenture

375 artesãs impactadas

Construção do planejamento estratégico 2010-2015 com Ashoka e McKinsey&Company

250 pessoas impactadas

Investimento da Inter-American Foundation

Investimento do Instituto Ventura

1º lugar no Prêmio Planeta Casa na categoria Ação Social

150 artesãs impactadas

Início da venda direta com 5 consultoras

Entrada na rede de fellows da Ashoka

Investimento do Banco Santander

100 artesãs impactadas

Surge a ideia da Venda Direta

Lançamento do primeiro catálogo de produtos

70 artesãs impactadas

1ª encomenda de brindes corporativos: 300 porta-retratos para a Dow Química

Abertura de um quiosque de venda de produtos no Rio de Janeiro

1º financiamento, concedido pela Fundação Avina

35 artesãs impactadas

Fundação da Rede Asta  

1ª capacitação de mulheres

Participação na  Gift Fair - SP

Who makes it?


Miriam Lima e Rachel Schettino, Roberta Lomonaco


Alice Freitas, Angélica Oliveira Antonio Villela, Camila Pinheiro, Fernanda Goulart, Flavia Castro e Maria Eduarda Pfeiffer

Product Lab

Alice Meditsch
Gabriela Mazepa


Mariana Valadão, Maryam Ghavami e Milana Bernartt

Information Technology

Anderson Costa


Valéria Santos


Hugo Cunha

A story woven by many hands

More than numbers, behind the Asta Network they are people, women warriors, talented, full of life that have been positively impacted by our history, and us by them.

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